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We work

to maximize an organization's potential  

to make positive

social and environmental


Twelve Ways We Work 

  1. Forming equal partnerships with communities and organizations

  2. Asking insight-generating questions

  3. Creating dynamic planning processes

  4. Teaching people practical action research methods

  5. Applying integrated mixed methods to produce useful data

  6. Conducting in-depth cyclical analysis to generate new questions

  7. Synthesizing to create a holistic micro-meso-macro analysis

  8. Designing effective strategies for change and learning 

  9. Focusing on how to improve well-being and the environment

  10. Promoting international collaboration

  11. Building multiculturalism and increasing equity

  12. Producing insights and making an impact

Insight Analysis Group

Two decades working together

with over 100 years of combined professional experience

Jeremiah Mock, MSc, PhD

Principal Researcher and Trainer

Naowarut Charoenca, MSc, DrPH

Senior Researcher and Trainer

Nipapun Kungskulniti, MSc, DrPH

Senior Researcher and Trainer

Stephen Hamman, MSc, DrPH

Senior Researcher and Trainer

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From theory to a better reality

Engaged research

We strive to make the world a better place, especially for people who have poor health, live in poverty or experience discrimination.

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From theory to a better reality

Dynamic planning

We focus on developing planning models that are dynamic and adaptable to changing conditions and new knowledge.

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From theory to a better reality

Cyclical evaluation

Our approach to evaluation is iterative, meaning that we view evaluation as a learning processes that feeds new information back into the program planning approach.

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From theory to a better reality


We provide a wide range of practical trainings to help people and organizations grow.

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From theory to a better reality

Results and impact

The approach we takes produces results that have a substantial impact in the real world.

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