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Our Research Services

Exploring the complexity and interconnectedness of the socialcultural-biophysical world is a major goal of our research. We approach research with an action-oriented agenda.

We seek to generate research that produces a deep understanding of systems. We specialize in Dynamic Project Cycle Management, observational studies and scientifically rigorous experiments. We provide a range of research services on sociocultural change, chronic disease prevention, tobacco control and environmental health.


Highlights of research conducted by Jeremiah Mock

I designed survey instruments and the protocol for collecting data in a vast tea plantation in Indonesia to identify potential predictors of poor child growth and development. This study was an inventory of community-level factors and included rating and aggregating household conditions as well as collecting data on community health services.

As the evaluation research director at the Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project at UCSF, I contributed directly to the planning, implementation and dissemination of the evaluation of a 4-year randomized clinical trial to promote cervical cancer screening among Vietnamese American women in Santa Clara County, California funded by the CDC through the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Health (REACH 2010) initiative. I was responsible for conceptualizing, constructing, pilot testing and fielding pre- and postoutreach survey questionnaires. We designed the questionnaire to measure sample sociodemographics, attitudes, exposure to our media program, exposure to our lay health worker activities, changes in knowledge, and changes in screening practices (i.e., obtaining a Pap test). The total sample was 1005 women. In addition to conducting the monitoring and evaluation analysis and preparing progress reports, I wrote manuscripts for peer-reviewed scientific articles reporting the results, presented findings at APHA meetings, and assisted with the dissemination of project results in Vietnamese-language media and to Vietnamese community-based organizations.

I was the evaluation research scientist for the “California Statewide Vietnamese-American Anti-Tobacco Media Project” funded by Tobacco Control Section, California Department of Health Services. This study was a multi-faceted intervention conducted over a 4-year period focused on: (1) working with community-based organizations (CBOs) to eliminate tobacco marketing and distribution from Vietnamese cultural festivals in California; and (2) using mass media to increase interest in tobacco control issues. I was responsible for conducting the analysis of survey data collected through telephone interviews for a longitudinal cohort over 4 years. The study tracked a statewide representative random sample, initially of 1100 Vietnamese. I calculated descriptive sociodemographic statistics of the sample cohort and changes in the composition of the cohort over time, self-reported smoking history and behavior, SHS behaviors, media consumption habits, exposure to our media campaign, exposure to SHS, and awareness of the health effects of SHS exposure.


Below is a list of selected research publications that reflect the breath and depth of work we have done. Feel free to contact us about research publications or topics you are interested in exploring.

Kungskulniti N., Charoenca N., Mock J., Hamann S.L., (2017) Secondhand smoke point-source exposures assessed by particulate matter at two popular public beaches in Thailand, J Public Health (Oxf), Sep 11:1-6. doi: 10.1093/pubmed/fdx112

Charoenca N., Kungskulniti N., Mock J., Hamann S.L., Vathesatogkit P. (2015) How Thailand's greater convergence created sustainable funding for emerging health priorities caused by globalization, Global Health Action, Aug 31;8:28630. doi: 10.3402/gha.v8.28630

Kaufman A.H., Mock J. (2014) Cultivating Greater Well-being: The Benefits Thai Organic Farmers Experience from Adopting Buddhist Eco-spirituality, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics (March) DOI 10.1007/s10806-014-9500-4

Charoenca N., Mock J., Kungskulniti N., Preechawong S., Kojetin N., Hamann S.L. (2012) Success Counteracting Tobacco Company Interference in Thailand: An Example of FCTC Implementation for Low- and Middle-income Countries, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (9):1111-1134

Hamann S.L., Mock J., Hense S., Charoenca N., Kungskulniti N. (2012) Building Tobacco Control Research in Thailand: Meeting the Need for Innovative Change in Asia, Health Research Policy and Systems, 10:3

Hammal, F., Mock, J., Ward K.D., Maziak W. (2008) A Pleasure Among Friends: How Narghile (Waterpipe) Smoking Differs from Cigarette Smoking in Syria, Tobacco Control, 17(2):e3

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Hammal F., Mock J., Ward K.D., Fouad M.F., Beech B.M., Maziak W. (2005) Settling With Danger: Ethnographic Assessment of Community Conditions and Health Problems in Peri-Urban Settlements in Aleppo, Syria. Environment and Urbanization 17:2 113-126

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McPhee S.J., Nguyen T., Euler G.L., Mock J., Wong C., Lam T., Nguyen W., Nguyen S., Ha M.Q.H., Do S.T., Buu C. (2003) Successful Promotion of Hepatitis B Vaccinations Among Vietnamese-American Children Ages 3 to 18: Results of a Controlled Trial. Pediatrics, 111(6 Pt 1):1278-288

Mock J., Jarvis L., Jahari A., Husaini M., Pollitt, E. (2000) Community-Level Determinants of Child Growth in 24 Indonesian Villages. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 54 (SUPP2):S28-S42

Our Research

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